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We offer unique and innovative seminars, teambuilding and corporate event packages that create an environment that will push your team beyond their present limits and help them break-through mental barriers that may be holding them back from their true potential.

We use a number of different metaphors to accomplish this, including the Firewalk, and any combination of the other activities below.

Firewalks create an environment that pushes you and your team beyond your present reality, challenge your self-limiting beliefs and going beyond your fear to reach your true potential.

Teaches the team to have fun again (brings out inner child)

Glass walking is as easy as walking on fire, only a very different method; we teach you other ways to achieve your goals. Teaches your team about focusing and paying attention.

This “one of a kind” activity allows you to accompany lions in their natural habitat on foot for an hour and a half, under the guidance and supervision of experienced guides. Close interaction with lions strengthens mutual respect and extends understanding and feelings for conservation on the part of visitors.

What happens when we commit less than 100%? Many people live life in such a state and then wonder why they lost the promotion they thought they earned or why they are stuck in the Rut of Life. Whether you choose the one-inch thick board or the two-inch thick brick, the lesson of 100% commitment becomes immediately apparent. The board or brick break is feasible regardless of physical strength or martial arts experience but requires 100% commitment and follow-through. This is the mentality of success.

Learn to push through no matter what by snapping an arrow with your throat

This is a lesson in trust and obedience. This must be seen to be believed. A strong action step for developing interpersonal trust among team members.

In addition to a stronger team, enhanced communications skills, problem-solving abilities, and fun, your group will learn to cooperate and to develop trust in themselves and others. These are the outcomes that can be expected as a result of a trip to the low ropes course. The low ropes course is characterized by its ability to create the need for group members to challenge their old ways of thinking and acting.

Group members faced with challenging problems are required to take risks, talk, and share responsibility for a successful effort. The goal of the low ropes course elements is to have participants unite and function as a high-level group. Individuals can expect to develop more effective people and problem-solving skills. Each learns the meaning of cooperation and discovers that through cooperation they can accomplish much more than they would have previously thought possible.

A true trusting experience happens every time as you fall backward into the crossed arms of your co-workers or friends.

The Trust Fall relies on the strength of many to support the smallest or largest person. A straight backward fall without hesitation is the true mark of trust.

Group members must figure out how to move across a stretch of ground while standing on a set of long beams with hand ropes attached. When a team starts taking steps in different directions, you quickly learn that being on the same page is vital to a team’s success.

Members must devise a way to go from one island to the next with only the tools that are available to them.

Group members must devise a way to share space on a series of low, nested platforms, ranging in size from nine square feet to one square foot. Everyone must have one foot on the platform, and the other off the ground. The group must hold this position for a prescribed period of time. 

The objective is to cross from one side of the spider’s web to the other without touching the web. The group must create a plan that takes participant physical ability and size to lift, pass, and spot participants in order to get them through.

Letting go of all the cr*p you carry on a daily basis.

Teaches communication, presence and listening skills.

Teaches communication, trust and working together as a team.

The most obvious answer is that the foot washing ritual is a symbol of humble service.

Choose from our series of Team building Packages

Executive / Platinum / Gold / Silver / Fire / Custom


1 Day Event: 09:00 am – 09:00 pm (Price TBA)

Morning Event: 8:00-12:00 (Price TBA)

Afternoon event: 13:00pm – 17:00pm (Price TBA)

Evening Event: 17:30pm – 22:00pm (Price TBA)

Weekend Away


Sales Training / Coaching / Mentoring / Presentation / Public Speaking / Goal Setting / Purpose Mission Vision

Ongoing Support: We will also facilitate two free follow-up sessions of two to three hours each, four and eight weeks after the Executive Team-build, as well as free access to our team-build webinar once to 12 months.

Take your team to the next level –  GUARANTEED

Firewalking, Glasswalking, FireLego Walk, Board-Brick-Arrow Breaking, Rebar Bending, Low Ropes etc.  We make you Heroes

Keynote Speaking

We are the #1 FIRE Motivational Speakers in Africa

Topics – Be your Own Hero, Pain to Pleasure, Ignite the Fire, Power of Sales


Hero Breakthrough sessions, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Pain Management, Master Mind Groups, Emotional IQ

Breath Work

Relaxation Therapy session using guided breathing techniques.

The state of your breathing is a direct indicator of the state of your thinking. Breathe deeply and your thinking will take on depth and insight. Shallow breathing will create shallow and superficial thinking. Using the Breath to Heal and Emerge into LIFE!!

Breathing is something we do with no intention. The Breath Work is the act of creating healing through intention and action…and air!

Do you know the power of your breath? To heal, to cleanse, to energize…

Through this breath work, the blood is oxygenated; ductless glands are opened in the physical body, and at an energetic level create the space to allow healing to occur on multiple levels. Increase the vibration of your energetic body and your physical body through one of the most plentiful and legal substances available on the planet – AIR!

Neurolinguistic programming

There are many websites, definitions, books, guru’s, movies, TV programs and coaches out there, each with his/her/it’s own definition and meaning about what NLP is.  Let’s keep it simple –

  • NEURO – your brain consists of millions of neurons;
  • LINGUISTIC – the language your subconscious mind speaks (visual, auditory, kinesthetic);
  • PROGRAMMING – how we were programmed since birth by value’s & belief systems of those who raised us.

John Grinder originally developed NLP in the 1970’s by collaborating with Richard Bandler in modelling selected geniuses such as Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson.


Default behavior is when you do something or think something without thinking about it!  It just “happens” automatically!  Like driving a car, in the beginning you had to consciously learn how to drive, now, you just slid in behind the steering wheel and off you go – sometimes arriving at your destination without consciously thinking of how to get there! After months and years of driving a car you literally “burned” a neuron pathway in your brain – and every time you get into a car your subconscious jumps on the “driving neuron pathway” without you even being aware of it.  Behavior becomes a habit.

Having said all of this, not all behavior is good for us and doesn’t serve us.  Behavior like unhealthy eating, too much drinking, taking too much drugs, etc.  This also is default behavior.  Your subconscious is just following your patterns when it is time to eat, or to take a drink, or to use drugs it immediately releases “hunger/alcohol/drug” peptides in your brain.

Subconsciously you react on it and will do whatever it takes to quench that thirst or silent that hunger.

Our thoughts work exactly in the same way.  If you focus on negative things all the time your brain picks up on your thought patterns and will do whatever is needed to create negative situations in your life.

Are you aware that you function 95% subconscious and 5% conscious?  All behavior changes within the SUBCONSCIOUS.


Building a Solid Base

This program is designed for businesses which have recently started and can benefit from guidance on how to set and reach realistic goals, or for existing companies needing regular direction and motivation. You will learn the strategies essential to reaching your goals.

How does business coaching work?

Strategic Plan – Your Coach will conduct a 2 to 4 hours Strategic Planning Session with you in the first month of the Coaching Program to identify the goals and expectations you have of your business. A Strategic Plan will be developed to identify the activities required to achieve your personal and business goals.Team Day (if applicable) – For businesses with the equivalent of at least 5 full time team members, a Team Day will be conducted in the 2nd or 3rd month of the program. The purpose of the Team Day is to unify your team behind your Strategic Plan and jump-start the Coaching Program for maximum results.

Coaching Sessions – Your Coach will have 2 to 8 hours per month of phone or face-to-face coaching appointments with you, depending on the coaching program you choose. These appointments will be used for goal setting and troubleshooting. Your Coach is also available during normal business hours by phone and email to discuss unforeseen challenges that arise during the week.

Templates and Systems – Your Coach will supply you with access to hundreds of proprietary templates and systems on an as-needed basis to enable you to complete your weekly goals. These include business and strategic plans, marketing and advertising templates, sales scripts, operations and human resource manuals, etc.

Critique Service – Your Coach will critique your work on goals and assignments between weekly coaching appointments. You may submit your work for critique by email or fax. Your critiques may be written or verbal.

Consultations with Suppliers, Customers, Professional Service Providers

Your Coach will conduct up to four complimentary consultations per year with your key suppliers, customers, or professional advisors to solicit and understand their viewpoints and coordinate your coaching program with their efforts.

Access to Resources and Services at Reduced Rates

Your Coach will give you access to business building resources and services supplied by our strategic partners at reduced rates. These include psychological profiling tools, training programs, financial services, and more


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