Following your Dream

October 14, 2014 at 9:47am


“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sureit’s worth watching.” ~Unknown


Do you have a dream? A wish? A desire?

Do you ever wake up and wonder: What would it be like to lovelife?

People can tell you “follow your dream,” but is anyone reallydoing it?

Not someone in a TV show or movie—a real, living, breathing,human, just like you?

Is it possible?


Yes there is a difference between following your dream, starting a business or doing both.



The first question you need to ask is Why?

We all start with the greatest intention in the world, from wanting to change the world to leaving a legacy, even to make money.


What is your reason? Because you have to remind yourself of it everyday and not just in the beginning. So why do I say this.

Well I have a Few friends that is very successful in what they do, the more successful they become they forget the reasons why they in the first place started to follow their dream or business. Yes some of us just wants to play golf and be lazy that is a nice dream to have and yes Startup businesses fail in the first 5years. That is why I say what is your reason, it will not be easy, yet there is no word like “failure”!

We grow and learn that is our journey! so if we see it like that then you will enjoy the ride.



I hope with all my heart, today is the day that you begin thejourney to turn your dream into a reality.


15 Reasons to Start Following YourDream Today


  1. You’ve always wanted to do this.

When I think about the question: If you had a million dollarswhat would you do with your life? I can now say, “Exactly what I’m doing.”

You’ve always wanted to follow your dream—so start today!


  1. You’ll experience things you nevercould have imagined.

I meet new and very successful people. I eat foods that I never knew existed.

The pursuit of a dream will give you experiences you neverthought possible.


  1. You will become courageous.

At some point your dream will mean so much to you that you willstop at nothing. When the dream overtakes you, no matter what your fears areyou will not allow it to stop you.

You will stare your fears in the face. You will become acourageous person. I am A Firewalker.


  1. You will become an inspiration tothose around you.

By doing what I want to do instead of what others want from me,I have been able to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Focus on your dreams, not what others want you to do, and youwill do the same.


  1. You will realize the incrediblethings you are capable of doing.

When you step forward to pursue your dream, you will facechallenges you never could have anticipated. You will allow nothing to stopyou. You will shock yourself at your ability to plow through any situation.


  1. You will like yourself more.

You will feel excited and energized by the life you are choosingto live. You will feel proud of what you are doing. And you will like yourselfmore for it.


  1. Life will become beautiful.

As you realize your own potential, you will realize thepotential in others. You will start to recognize the beauty that life, you, andothers have to offer.


  1. Your joy and happiness will becomecontagious.

When people are around you, they will feel better aboutthemselves and life because you are living proof it is possible to live adream!


  1. You will connect on a deeper levelwith the force of the universe.

The pursuit of a dream requires an act of faith. You stepforward and take action. When you do this, you will face experiences that willbring you closer to the force of the universe.


  1. You will smile more.

Life is better when you smile more. If you follow your dream,you will enjoy yourself and this will happen!


  1. It will give meaning toeverything you do.

Before I started following my dream I would often wonder,“What’s the point?”

Now, I know the answer to that question! Every action I takebrings me closer to my dream.


  1. The food will taste better.

Yup, you read that right! When you step forward with your dreamyou will feel more alive and you will better appreciate all the beauty life hasto offer. So, yes! Even the food tastes better.


  1. Every day you will learn newthings.

Every day I learn more why people do the things they do, more Firewalking, Hero’s Journey and moreabout myself. I’m challenged and excited. The deeper I get in my dream, themore I learn.


  1. Your happiness will show on yourface.

It’s true! When you are optimistic, excited, and happy, guesswhat? You are drastically more attractive.

At twenty-eight I looked stressed out, sick, dying and overwhelmed. At thirty three Ilook happy and excited because I am happy and excited.


  1. You will love being around you.

When we pursue a dream, we are connecting with our heart’sdesires. It’s a way of telling our soul “I love you.”

It’s pretty great to hang out with people you love—especiallywhen it’s yourself!

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